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Confident, bright, friendly, fun, approachable, caring, and compassionate.

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Child - Young Adult - Middle Age

I have always wanted to be an entertainer in some kind of way. I was a shy, quiet, creative young girl, always using my imaginative mind to express myself through play, drawing on paper, playing the piano, singing, reading and writing my own stories and acting out my own stories and scripts. When young, I enjoyed picking up the small reel-to-reel cassette player and make believe I was a DJ. I’d introduce songs and the artists to my make believe audience, playing each song on my 45 record player and when a few songs had finished playing, I’d stop, take a break for a commercial or two which I created with the reel-to-reel still recording. “Somehow” my mom got a hold of my recordings and shared them with a few of our close friends. They loved that this shy passive child created/recorded something so fun and funny!

With a diverse background in commercial real estate and a BA in Elementary Education/teaching background, I am perfectly suited for e-learning, tutorials and documentaries, as well as commercials and narrations. I also have a background in music (singing and piano) as well as photography. With my sense of adventure and passion for travel I have had the opportunity to visit many countries. This has contributed to my ability to relate to diverse cultures and has broadened my perspective.

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